Watch these videos:

Learn how to setup WordPress after installation:

Watch the video below to learn how to setup the Astra Theme:

Watch this quick 3-minute overview for Elementor (you do not need to actually do any of things in the video, just watch):

Watch the video below for a demonstration of some of the widgets in the Elementor Page Builder.  There are several widgets and I didn’t go over them all, but you should have a basic idea of how they work and which ones you can use to display your work:

Watch the videos below to see how I designed my personal portfolio website:

Designing my homepage:

Designing My Portfolio Page:

Designing my Resume Page:

*Note: this page is old and this video is old and needs to be updated (the icon list widget looks a bit different now), but I think it’s a good way to demonstrate how I used columns and some of the widgets to create an online version of my resume.