Sign Up for a Creative Retainer Agreement

If your design needs vary throughout the year, arise unexpectedly, or you have ongoing needs for design services that don’t require having a designer on staff, a creative retainer might be the perfect solution for your business.  Here is what our retainer agreement covers:

Content Updates

  • Updates to content such as adding, editing and/or removing any text or copy on the existing site
  • Updating calendar events
  • Adding new photos to a portfolio
  • Image licensing from our stock library of up to 5 images per month


  • We will backup your entire website for you on a daily basis so that you never, ever have to worry about not having a copy of your site should the unthinkable happen.
  • We also backup your site locally and store it offsite in a remote location so that if something happens to the server that your site is hosted on, we have it saved somewhere else as well.

Software and Other WordPress Updates

When you log in as the administrator of your site, you may see messages from time to time about software, themes, WordPress versions, etc. that need to be updated. The reason for these updates is usually to fix a security issue or flaw that has been uncovered by the developers of these tools. RJSmith Creative will make sure that all of your updates are completed when released and are functioning properly on your site.

Customized Reports

You will receive a customized report every month that details exactly what has been updated on your site and how often it was backed up.

Prioritized Service

By securing a guaranteed amount of prioritized design service time, retainer clients are always given a higher priority when it comes to their projects.

What services are not included?

Our creative retainer does not cover expenses like printing (although you can receive these services at cost),  and subcontractor fees. It also does not include new website design, or adding new functionality to your website. We will consult with you before beginning work to identify any fees or costs that may be billed in addition to your creative retainer agreement.


Without a retainer, our normal hourly design rate is $125. Retainer clients receive a discount of 33% on our hourly rates!

You create your package by simply choosing the number of monthly design hours, with a minimum of only 4 hours ($375/month).  Hours in excess of the monthly agreement are billed at the retainer rate.

The retainer contract requires a minimum commitment of 3 months, longer month terms are also available.

Contact us if you are interested in a maintenance package.